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This blog is for those who wish to find out more about Christianity. Please feel free to look around, check out the main pages, read the latest article on my home page, look at past articles, or search for something specific in the search box.

1] The Articles

I attempt to publish at least one major article per month. Most of the posts are sermons, exhortations, devotions, book reviews, and notes written by myself.

I take responsibility for all articles and posts published on this blog and I have done my utmost to reference all influences and quotations by others either in the text itself or in the endnotes.

 My sincere apologies if I have left a quote unreferenced, I would kindly ask you to forgive me and to inform me of any grammatical, theological, or research errors in my articles. 

Please note that older articles may not represent my current views. 

2] The Affirmations


3] The Blogger's Code of Conduct 

1.       I take full responsibility for my own words, for the articles and comments I post.
2.       I adopt a zero tolerance level for abusive comments.
3.       I eliminate all anonymous comments
4.       I ignore the trolls
5.       I do not say anything on-line that I wouldn't say in person
6.       I expect the same respect from others  

Come magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together,

Warmly in Christ,

Joshua Reynolds